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Superior Solutions provides organizations with incident response plans and incident/breach services to minimize the impact of security breaches caused by hacking attempts, data breaches, Botnets, remote access Trojans (RATs), successful phishing attacks and malware.

What we can do for you

We can help you identify, contain, limit damage and get back to business if you have been hit with a breach or incident response. Let us show you how to recognize the indicators of a compromise and respond appropriately.

Incidents can range from an internal configuration error, all the way up through an cyber attack from a nation state, or even an insider attack that impacted your company's physical assets.

Superior Solutions, Inc will conduct a post mortem review to determine what happened. Any event that didn't go as well as you hoped, or any set of processes that need to be checked, is a perfect candidate for a post mortem.

We follow a structured approach:

• Understand and investigate the potential attack
• Confirm the attack and the amount to damage
• Determine the source of the attack
• Remediation
• Proactive security protection
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Are you prepared in the event of a cyber security breach? These days, companies large and small, experience cyber threats on a daily and even hourly basis. If you don’t have an incident response plan in place, contact us about creating one for you.
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  • Certification & Skill Training
  • Training Material
  • Cyber Security Certification Training


  • Security Assessment
  • Breach and Incident Response
  • Expert Witness

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