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The U.S. government is taking a much stronger stance toward cyber security. The government has pushed forward the creation of a framework for a unified response to cyber incidents, boosting cyber security research and development, and promoting national awareness of cyber security issues. While this is a start, much more remains to be done to secure your company from potentially devastating attacks.

The Need for Cyber Security Experts

If you are interested in moving into a growing IT security job market, you may want to consider cyber security. The best way to move into one of these IT security roles is to get training. You may want to consider our cyber security fundamentals training class. This class will provide you with a high level view of the cyber security playing field. You will learn skills you need and perform a variety of hands-on labs to obtain skills you can use that will lead you on the path to become a Cyber Security Expert.

Recent Cyber Security Incidents

The last several years has seen a real rise in cyber attacks and cyber crime against major U.S. corporations such as Target, Home Depot, Sony and others. Hacking groups such as Lulzsec and anonymous have used denial of service attacks to disrupt critical systems. Other events include:

  • Cyber spies probed the power grid and planted malicious software such as STUXNET with the goal of causing disruptions in SCADA systems.
  • The Pentagon's Joint Strike Fighter program being breached by cyber hackers.
  • U.S. officials rejecting a planned cyber attack against Iraqi financial computers because of connections to the world financial market.
  • The first cyber attack to accompany an actual war occurring during the Russian-Georgian conflict.
  • Cyber attacks against Google that were traced to Chinese attackers.
  • The Mariposa Botnet which by some reports had infected 13 million PCs, compromised Fortune 1000 companies, and was also capable of spreading via the Internet and thumb drives.
  • The accused cloning of a government laptop computer during a visit to China by former Commerce Secretary, Carlos M. Gutierrez.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Cyber Security Expert?

Our training course will provide you with a broad base of cyber security foundations that you can immediately begin to use and help you along the path of becoming a cyber security expert. This course is a good starting point for those seeking certification. Our cyber security training course includes:

  • Cyber Crime Trends
  • Cyber Attack Patterns
  • Attack Methodologies
  • Basic Network System Security Practices and Hardening Techniques
  • Router and ACL Configuration
  • Firewall Attack Methods
  • Cyber Directives and Compliance Requirements Mandated by the U.S. Government
  • Cyber Roles Required to Successfully Architect Secure Systems
  • The Cyber Attack Cycle and Cyber War Techniques
  • Risk Management Techniques
  • Policy Development
  • Authentication Best Practices
  • Techniques to Build Layered Defenses
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Network Assessment
  • Implementing Cryptographic Solutions for Securing Communications at Rest and in Transit

Cyber Security: Defending Critical Infrastructure Outline

Every cyber security certification training course is taught by expert instructors who are ethical hackers, industry-recognized IT security professionals, and highly skilled cyber security experts. Our certification and training courses are delivered in classrooms and directly at customer locations nationwide.

Module 1: Cyber Security Basics
Topics include: Goals of cyber security, structure of the Internet, common attacks, and a review of the players in the cyber arena

Module 2: Understanding Cyber Technology
Topics include: Cyber technology, TCP/IP, networked applications, and network components

Module 3: Cyber Attack Technology
Topics include: Threats, exposures, weaknesses, and attack methodologies

Module 4: Access Control
Topics include: The role of access controls, group policies, security templates, and firewall policies

Module 5: Network Architecture Integration
Topics include: The creation of secure architectures, the creation of security zones, and accreditation requirements such as DIACAP and NIACAP

Module 6: Authentication
Topics include: Authentication, authorization, and accounting, enterprise grade authentication, and the role of multifactor authentication

Module 7: Intrusion Detection and Incident Response
Topics include: Intrusion prevention and detection, incident response, forensic analysis, and the evidence life cycle

Module 8: Risk Management
Topics include: Identifying assets, determining exposures, considering controls to reduce cyber risk, and mechanisms to secure critical systems

Module 9: Security Policies and Best Practices
Topics include: Designing and implementing policies, standards, and procedures developing best practices

Module 10: Host Security
Topics include: Analyzing systems, identifying unneeded services, patching known vulnerabilities, and hardening systems

Module 11: Applied Cryptography
Topics include: The basic elements of cryptosystems and how cryptosystems can be used to enhance cyber security

Module 12: Securing Network Communications
Topics include: Securing remote access, locking down WiFI, creating VPNs, and assessing the need for secure communications

Module 13: Vulnerability Assessment and Audit
Topics include: Scanning systems, performing vulnerability assessments, executing penetration tests and mechanisms to review log files, and working with syslog servers

Module 14: Cyber Security Futures
Topics include: An analysis of the future of cyber security, emerging job roles, and needed skills for the emerging cyber security field

Bring This Cyber Security Training Course to Your Location

We can bring Cyber Security: Defending Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Attack to your location. If you're looking to prepare your employees for not only today's' but also tomorrows cyber security challenges, we can help. Our team of cyber security experts will work diligently to deliver this cyber security class at your location making sure it meets your specific organizational needs.

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