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Superior Solutions helps security-conscious firms manage IT risk. We service locations across North America and deliver fully-independent, unbiased audits and penetration tests. As a cyber security consulting firm, our primary focus is on Network Security.

We offer a wide array of security consulting services: Expert Witness, Security Vulnerability Assessments, Breach and Incident Response, Security Training, and more. Your security is our priority!

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Expert Witness

Whether you represent the defendant or plaintiff, the use of a qualified cyber security expert can be invaluable in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We'll be there to testify for you!

Security Vulnerability Assessment

Security Vulnerability Assessment

Leading organizations acknowledge that meeting today's security challenges can enhance business value and drive operational efficiencies. Our audit and penetration testing services can help ensure regulatory compliance and minimize exposure to cyber risks. With proven best practices, our cyber security experts help reduce risk and mitigate threats. Let us show you how.
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Breach and Incident Response

Are you prepared in the event of a cyber security breach? These days, companies large and small, experience cyber threats on a daily and even hourly basis. Do you have an incident response plan in place? Let our experts design a policy specifically for your needs.

How Can We Help You?

Your security is our priority! Now, more than ever, the success of any business depends greatly on the degree to which it is secure. We provide an unbiased perspective into the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your IT security controls. This perspective provides assurance, not just for yourself, but also for your clients and customers.

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  • Certification & Skill Training
  • Training Material
  • Cyber Security Certification Training


  • Security Assessment
  • Breach and Incident Response
  • Expert Witness

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