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Ensure regulatory compliance and minimize exposure to cyber security risks. With proven best practices and an advanced knowledge of IT security, our cyber security experts help reduce risk and mitigate threats to your IT infrastructure through audits, penetration testing, consulting, and digital forensic analysis.

When we perform a security assessment or a penetration test we wear our hacker hats and examine your infrastructure the same way a criminal would. Our goal is to identify vulnerabilities and assess the risk they pose. Our security consulting team maintains certifications across leading security disciplines and technologies and have extensive knowledge of current security standards, best practices, and government regulations including ISO-17799, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLBA). Our risk-based assessment approach will help you minimize the risk of a compromise of Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI) triggering breach notification requirements.

Our IT security solutions can be tailored to a number of different audit and IT vulnerability assessment services based on people, process, and technology:
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Social Engineering

Social engineering may be the most significant security threat organizations face and is used by sophisticated groups who can inflict serious damage on your business. Our test techniques focuses on identifying and validating vulnerabilities associated with your employees and their ability to follow documented policies and procedures and security best practices. Our proven tactics can include physical access, walking in the front door behind a valid employee, cloning a valid badge, dropping portable USB drives in the parking lot, phishing with targeted emails, and even caller ID spoofing.


Security Practices Assessment

This penetration and vulnerability assessment involves interaction with your IT staff. Our team will analyze your current security practices (password policies, AUPs, access-level policies, software update policies) to determine if they are being followed by employees. Our policy audits also ensure that your policies meet security compliance industry standards and government regulations such as PCI, HITECH, SOX, GLB, and HIPAA.


External Penetration Test

This is an ethical hack designed to target the computer network's security posture from outside the organization. Our team of ethical hackers will emulate the adversary, discover your critical exploitable vulnerabilities and offer recommendations before they are exploited. This network IT assessment can be performed against critical network segments. Footprinting, Enumeration, Gaining Access, Escalation of Privilege, and Exploitation of Wireless, and social engineering can be included. Our cyber security experts complete this process with a thorough outbriefing of our findings.

Internal Penetration Test

This is an ethical hack and penetration test of the computer network's internal security posture. We examine technical, physical, and administrative controls. Items examined include: security policy, network / data segmentation, network architecture, patch management, and the security of clients and servers on your network. The scope can vary from no initial access to the client providing us with a user-level network login. The purpose of an internal penetration assessment is to determine what level of access a malicious insider can obtain.

Web Application Assessment

Working alongside your IT staff, we will help you answer key questions such as, "can a hacker penetrate my internal network from the Internet, via my web application?" NIST estimates that over 90% of today’s vulnerabilities are at the application layer. SQL injection, XSS, clickjacking, and poor input validation are a major source of compromise and data disclosure in web applications. Our web application assessment use both automated and manual techniques to investigate a web application for vulnerabilities, issues such as buffer overflows, or other input validation issues that could pose security risks to your organization.

Do you think you need a security assessment? Contact us. We’ll figure out what you need and custom tailor a solution for you.
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