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Organizations must protect their most valuable, digital assets in an intelligent, measurable way. This is why Superior Solutions, Inc. security experts offer intelligent strategies that simplify security while fortifying organizations. The following resources are provided as a service to help ethical hackers and anyone responsible for IT network security.

Cell phone hacking, CBS News Report

One of our employees talks to CBS News about how hackers can easily hack into cell phones and what you can do to keep your information safe.

“The hackers are really always one step ahead of everyone else, because they’re going where the money is,” he says. This is a must-watch for anyone who uses a cell phone and stores important information on their device.

These news clips originally aired on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, NPR, CNBC, and other leading news outlets

KSDK/NBC News: How easy is it to hack someone’s voicemail?
We demonstrate how easy it is to break into someone's smartphone. We teamed up with Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster to demonstrate how cell phones and voice mail can be hacked.

ESPN: What the Hack!
ESPN news asked Michael Gregg his thoughts on the forensic evidence against Floyd Landis and his coach in connection with a case of computer hacking at a French doping laboratory.

ABC: Smart Phone Hacking and Attacks
Our employee speaks with ABC News about the threats of cell phone hacking. He was quoted in the television interview as saying, "One wrong click on an incoming text or e-mail and all your information becomes instantly vulnerable."

ABC: Smart Phones and Cyber Security
Superior Solutions, Inc. employee sat down with ABC news to discuss smart phone hacking and attacks such as SMiShing.

NBC: Smart Phone Hacking - Ethical hacking can make a difference.
After we demonstrate how easy it is to hack smart phones, AT&T made changes to their security policy.

Fox Business News: Google Hacking
This news segment appeared on Fox News and discusses why China is a risky environment for U.S. businesses worried about hacking and loss of intellectual property.

Houston TV Interview: IE Threat
This segment appeared on Houston local news and discusses browser hijacking and tools such as the Browser Exploit Framework.

On Point: A Trade Show for Hackers (radio)
This hour of On Point, features hackers and the security companies, such as Superior Solutions, who recruit them.

New Cell Phone Risk
While we have had to live with botnets for quite some time, Superior Solutions demonstrates what many believe is the first proof of concept cell phone botnet. Such a tool could be used to infect a users cell phone without his or her knowledge.

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