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Superior Solutions, Inc. employees are routinely sought out to comment on breaking cyber security news and other IT security issues. Our security assessment, audit, and training specialists have been featured in many leading publications, magazines, radio interviews, and television news. Here is what our cyber security experts are saying.

With an increasing number of identity theft cases and large hacking incidents on the rise, Superior Solutions believes there is a growing need for protecting our personal and financial information.

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Michael Gregg is a contributor to Huffington Post and writes articles addressing cyber security, IT security breaches, and hacks.
How Hackable are you?
From last year's unprecedented string of major retailer breaches to the massive JP Morgan hack and Sony's epic debacle, hackers have been almost unstoppable. So what should consumers expect for 2015?

Five Ways Cyberterrorists Could Target the U.S.
Will the next terrorist attack occur in cyberspace?

5 Ways Could Get Hacked
Glitches and outages have been the main focus thus far in the scrutiny over the website - but a bigger problem could be looming on the horizon for Americans who wish to enroll on the site: hacking.

Should We Blame Russia for the Target Breach?
Is it time to hold the Russian government responsible for the rise in sophisticated cybercrime attacks on the U.S. economy?

5 Lessons from the Snapchat and Target Hacks
With the onslaught of seemingly unstoppable cyber attacks against major companies, is there anything consumers can do to protect themselves?

The first step to learn is how to speak hacker
It's time for everyone to learn about hacking threats.

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Michael Gregg, contributor for Fox Business News
Three Lessons from Chinese Hackers
Think your company is too small? Chinese hackers see many small businesses as a backdoor to the bigger target - that makes you a target, too.

You Know You're Being Socially Engineered If …
Here are the top six social engineering techniques most commonly used by hackers. Ignore them at your peril.

How to Avoid Getting 'Phished'
Almost every American consumer is, and has been, at risk of phishing attacks. But the threat has never been more real or dangerous than after the last years record number of security breaches.

Six New Hacks That Will Make Your CSO Cringe
It's mind boggling to hear all the new ways the security community has discovered to break into businesses, computer networks, devices and private information. Here's how...

Shop Safe Online
Each year, the holiday shopping season is a gold rush for online scammers and identity thieves as more people hop online to complete their shopping lists.

Online Extortion: Pay Up, or Else … What?
In a new-millennium twist on the old protection money scheme, cyber criminals are now targeting business owners online.

A Defense Plan for Hack Attacks
We offers suggestions as to the importance of building a defensive plan to defend against hackers.

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Michael Gregg, technology writer for TechTarget
Take steps to defend your network using DHCP snooping
Learn how to enable DHCP snooping to secure your network against common breaches including man in the middle attacks and ARP poisoning.

Six ways hackers try to break Secure Sockets Layer-encrypted data
One of our security experts discusses steps enterprises should take to ensure their SSL-encrypted data remains secure.

Setting a network security policy for a virtual environment
In this expert tip, we reveal the most important aspects of a reliable network security policy for your virtualized environment.

Using network flow analysis to improve network security visibility
To overcome network security issues from advanced attackers and BYOD, security professionals are turning to network flow analysis to gain improved network security visibility.

Network security assessment: Test firewalls, IDS in multiple ways
Network administrators need to test internal systems such as firewalls and IPS/IDS devices to ensure their networks are safe.

Network security assessment: Internal testing relies on various tools
Network administrators need to know what steps to take to protect their networks against internal threats.

Network security assessment: 10 tools you can't live without
The top 10 tools to protect your network against security breaches.

Why VPNs are Critical for Road Warriors
WAN managers must protect corporate data by ensuring that their road warriors are using a VPN, because being exposed on DEF CON's Wall of Sheep is the least of your worries. Learn in this tip what can happen when you don't use a virtual private network, and understand what VPNs protect against.

Interviews with major news media organizations

When news organizations need an expert on cyber security they often turn to Superior Solutions so that they can better explain current issues, recent events and trends. We believe strongly in providing information that helps people understand this topic so that they can take steps to better secure their information.

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Stolen credit card price tag: $102
When retailers are breached and your data becomes vulnerable, it's often floating around the dark web, learn how much your hacked credit card is worth on the dark web.

How Celebrities' Nude Photos get leaked
CNN discusses recent password breaches and how Hollywood stars have been slow to secure their smartphones, tablets, and PC's.

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DHS to Implement Cyber Security Controls
Pending legislation will give DHS some control over the Internet. While some see this as needed control others fear restrictive government control may be misused.

Hacktivist Continue Attacks
The recent rash of hacktivism from groups such as anonymous, Lulzsec, and Lizard Squad have targeted everything from government web sites to Fortune 500 companies what will be next?

Security Experts Urge Vigilance After Malware is Leaked to the Internet
While browser security has increased, many individuals continue to run older versions of browsers that have not been patched. One of our employees is interviewed by Fox News on the importance of keeping your applications and operating systems fully patched.

Anonymous Hackers Release Stuxnet Worm Online
Stuxnet source code leaked to the Internet, how will effect U.S. SCADA systems and critical infrastructure.

World's Greatest Hacker Calls security shameful
Worlds top security experts claim government Obamacare website vulnerable to attack.

Poison Apple Attack
Cyber criminals and malware creators are always looking for some current trends to lure people using search engines, Hollywood stars are big targets of cyber hacks.

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Hollywood Hackers
Are Hollywood hackers based on any truth? Usually, not, most movies that focus on hacking or cyber security don't resemblance real cyber security attacks. Hack Reminiscent of Earlier Vermont Exchange Attack
The National Review looks at why it's taking too long for both the federal and state level agencies to long to detect hacks.

Covered California's E-mail Insecurity
Learn how the personal information of hundreds of enrollees was jeopardized.

Disturbing Similarities Between Hack and Earlier Attack
Learn how poor oversight allowed cyber hackers to gain access to a critical test server.

Stacks Image 2274 computing change puzzles IT experts
Learn how the decision made by CMS to migrate databases to physical machines to eliminate virtualization. contract process may have compromised security
Superior Solutions employee was asked to explain how flawed contracting process hampered finding the best contractors to create the government website. IT contract: Any takers?
ModernHealthcare asked how, CGI Federal, the company that built struggled after its launch in October because of serious technology and security problems.

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Blackhat hacking techniques
We were asked to demo current blackhat hacking techniques when U.S. Security of Labor visited Houston, Texas.

Houston IT Expert Testifies About
Read about one of Houston's premier information technology security assessment firms, Superior Solutions Inc. and one of its execitive team, who has appeared before the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space and Technology as an IT security expert.

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Smart Phone Hacking Threat Exists
One of our employees was interviewed by the New York Times on the threat of Smart phone hacking. Our cyber expert discussed the IT security issues and concerns with smart phones, iPads', and tablets.

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On-line Safe Shopping
A cyber security consultant for Fortune 500 companies and the federal government, reports to Kiplinger magazine on how to protect yourself from common online threats.

Safe ways to bank from your smart phone
Kiplinger magazine asked Superior Solutions, Inc. rep how to secure your smart phones. Consumers aren't always taking basic proper precautions while shopping on cell phones.

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10 Do's and Don'ts of Online Shopping
Check out the interview by Women's Day Magazine where we provided 10 basic tips for safe shopping on the Internet. Find out the most important dos and don’ts when it comes to safely navigating your way through the World Wide Web of online shopping.

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The New CompTIA CASP Certification
CASP Certification Overview. Infosec Island asked if Superior Solutions would provide a breakdown of the new CompTIA CASP certification.

Ready for the New ISC2 Computer-Based CISSP Exam?
Oneof our employees reports to Infosec Island about changes in the ISC2 CBK and changes to the CISSP Certification.

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Business Week Access Creep
Access creep is a real problem in many companies today. Over time this can allow individuals to have much greater access than should be allowed.

Security Assessment
One of our exec's met with Jamaican government officials and was asked to speak of the importance of computer security and how to better secure government facilities during a recent IT security audit.

Reality TV Star Hacked
Not all of Superior Solutions work is for corporate clients, this news article describes the type of work we do with Hollywood clients.

Cloud Hacking
Learn how Apple iphone's are targeted by cyber hackers.

5 top Apple security risks
Our employee discusses the 5 top security risks with Apple devices and smartphones.

Cell phone security and protection of privacy in the European Union
Greek Business News -While being quoted in the Greek news is not our typical format we do appreciate the coverage. Superior Solutions employee, spoke on cell phone security and protection of privacy in the European Union.

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Experts Break Down the Browser Security Battle
Internet Explorer is not the overwhelming favorite of many from a privacy standpoint. Superior Solutions, Inc. We spoke on security issues of Internet browsers to The Motley Fool.

Vulnerable Browsers
Still using Internet Explorer? Learn what security flaws put users at risk.

Rating the Hacking Threats
One of our employees is interviewed by about the change in cyber hacking tactics.

Privacy of Electronic Communications
Many of the laws governing the privacy of electronic communications was signed by in the 1980s. Learn how you privacy may be at risk.

SCADA Systems Could be Targeted in Cyber War With cyber warfare already a major component of countries and terrorist groups, military efforts Internet News and wanted to learn more about potential attacks on United States SCADA systems and critical infrastructure.

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